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Varithena is a microfoam composed of an ingredient called Polidocanol. This procedure uses ultrasound guidance for precise administration of the Varithena foam into the diseased vein. Varithena is especially beneficial and effective in treating large or tortuous varicose veins.


How is Varithena Performed:
Varithena is performed in the office by our physician in about an hour. Once the area is clean and sterilized, the provider will inject a small amount of anesthesia at the insertion site. The vein is accessed using ultrasound guidance and the Varithena is administered into the vein. The injected solution will irritate the walls of the problematic veins causing them to collapse and close over time. Your body will then reroute the blood to healthy veins to improve circulation and the symptoms you may be experiencing.

What is recovery like after Varithena?
Recovery is very quick after the Varithena procedure and most patients return to normal activities right away. Some of the treated areas may be tender to touch and bruised, but this is very normal. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns, if you call or text the office. After the treatment, your provider will wrap your leg in an ACE bandage, which you will wear overnight for the first twenty four hours. For fourteen days after Varithena, you will have to wear compression stockings to ensure that the treated vein closes completely. You will be asked to avoid any weightlifting or heavy exercise for those fourteen days as well. Light cardio activity is fine and walking daily is especially encouraged. Before you leave your Varithena appointment, we will get you scheduled for an ultrasound follow up. This follow up is scheduled for the
following week to ensure that the vein is closing properly.

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